Accepting Infants

8 weeks to 18 months

Infant room hours: 7am to 5pm

Our Infant Classroom

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Babies are born as little scientists. They listen, watch, touch, smell and taste their surroundings.  The Infant program at Peppertree includes an abundance of delightful opportunities for your baby to enjoy, observe, and explore this new world safely and comfortably.

 ~  Peppertree infant teachers talk and sing to your child during          diapering, feeding and playtime to help them develop an                understanding of language and conversation.


 ~ ​During Story Time, your infant snuggles up with the teachers to     enjoy simple picture books together. Reading aloud to infants is     an important building block for learning language and literacy.

 ~ Sign Language is introduced to help your child learn to                   communicate his wants and needs. 

 ~ Age appropriate toys and tummy time play help your child             develops physical coordination and builds small and large motor     skills.  As your baby masters gross motor skills, he begins to roll,

    crawl, and finally walk.

Our loving teachers ensure your child receives nurturing care and personal attention.  Schedule a tour to come see how we can support your family and your infant care needs.